About service Storage

Here you can store your files, which can not be transferred anyway, for example if it is too big to send it via e-mail. Maximal size of the file, which can be stored is 80 MB. There is also time limit, how long file will be stored. It is five days. After four days you will be noticed that your file will be deleted in one day. Next day (ie totaly 5 days) file will be deleted. There is also limited number of downloads. The file can be downloaded 10 times. When download counter reaches this number, the file is removed from STORAGE.

If you want to start using of STORAGE, please fill field Your e-mail with your e-mail address and choose file, which you want to store. You can also fill field Recipients e-mail. It should contain addresses of peoples for whose this file is intended. If it is necessary, you can write multiple e-mails, separated by comma. To these emails notification message will be sent that you stored the file. This message will contain help how to download file and some informations about file owner (about you).

After sucesfull file upload, you will receive e-mail with informations how to work with this stored file (how it can be downloaded or deleted).

When someone will download the file, you are informed via e-mail

Into storage you can save only one file in one session. If you want save more files, you can use some compression programs. In Unix you can use tar (tar -c -f Archiv.tar [list_of_files]). In Windows you can use WinRAR.

Our effort is to protect your files before unauthorized access, but remember it is possible to access your data while it is transferred via Internet. On storage server we are trying to do maximum to save your privacy and to protect your data.

We store informations about how many files and how many bytes user transferred. Nothing else is permanently stored.